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USEA CCI qualifications
USEA CIC qualifications
USEA national qualifications
FEI competitor categories

FEI passport requirement
As a general guideline, FEI passports are required for all horses competing in any CIC or CCI at the 3* level or above and for horses competing any CIC or CCI in a foreign country. Therefore, Americans do not need an FEI passport to compete in a CCI2*, CIC2*, CCI1* or CIC1* if it is held in the US.
FEI horse and rider registration
All riders and horses competing in FEI competitions – CCIs and CICs – must be registered with the FEI.
Micro chipping requirement
All horses competing in FEI competitions are required to be micro chipped compatible with ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.
The micro-chip number must be listed in the FEI passport and must be registered with the FEI.
This requirement does not apply to horses registered with the FEI prior to 2013.
Technical requirements
In order to compete at an international (FEI) event, competitor and horse must have fulfilled the technical criteria set by the FEI and the USEA.

The eligibility to compete will be determined by a combination of the following:

  • The level of the competitor category as determined by the FEI formula (uncategorized, D,C,B,A)
  • The achievement of a number of Minimum Eligibility Requirements MERs according to the eligibility matrix of requirements.

A specific level or type of qualification is reached by achieving a set number of MERs at applicable competitions. An Organising Committee may, with the approval of their own NF and the FEI, impose additional qualifications that must be published in the schedule for the event.
FEI MERs and USEA NQRs may be achieved at the same competition if appropriate.

FEI MER definition
A Minimum Eligibility requirement (MER) is achieved by completing a competition as follows:

  • Dressage test: Not less than 50% of good marks. (Equals 75 penalty points in FEI and Equine Canada eventing competitions, 50 penalty points in USEF eventing competitions)
  • Cross Country Test: Clear round (0 penalties at obstacles). Exception: when multiple MER are required for CIs and CIOs, one of the MER can be achieved incurring 20 penalty points at obstacles. Not more than 90 seconds exceeding the optimum time in the cross time for one, two and three star competitions and 120 seconds at 4* level competitions
  • Jumping test: Not more than 16 penalties at obstacles.

MER validity period

CIs and CIOs – The valid period  for obtaining a Minimum Eligibility Requirement is anytime until :

  • At least 24 days before the Cross Country test of the competition (CCI or CIC) for which it is needed if the MER has been achieved at a CCI
  • At least 10 days before the Cross Country test of the competition for which it is needed if the MER is obtained at a CIC.

Championships – The valid period for obtaining a MER is from the preceding calendar year to the closing date of the nominated entries.


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