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Social Media Files – What’s happening Saturday at Badminton? 2016 Badminton,Riders

  Connect with the Badminton action all weekend: [Website] [Schedule] [Times] [Results] [Cross-country highlight video] Michael Jung (GER) and La Biosthetique Sam FBW made Badminton look like a Novice course today and flew around clear, inside the time to hold his lead. Michael is one horse inspection and a show jumping round away from winning the Rolex Grand Slam. He will be the second rider in history to pull off this great feat, since Pippa Funnel (GBR) won it in 2003. It will be one of the most exciting show jumping days ever at Badminton. Check out the things happening…

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Four-star rookie with the grace of a seasoned pro – Libby Head – 30 Under 30 2014's 30 Under 30,Riders

Blazing around cross-country like a seasoned pro and then following it up with a stellar clean show jumping round at her first Rolex, Libby Head (USA) was one of the year’s most successful four-star rookies. At only 22 years old, Libby has already proven that she can produce a four-star horse. Her Rolex partner, Sir Rockstar (Rocky), was also her junior and young rider horse. Finishing in 19th place at her first four-star, Libby has proven that she has the right stuff to be competitive at the top of this sport and she is one of the world’s ‘Top 30…

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Young rider, young horse, the road to Rolex is possible – Kyle Carter explains Canadian Eventing,Good to know,Missed it?,Rolex 2015

Every eventer in North America dreams of completing Rolex. In April every year, the pros and the first timers gather in Lexington, Kentucky, to tackle North America’s only four-star. Each year, there is always a mixed bag of results. Sometimes the veterans fail and surprisingly the Rolex rookies storm through the finish flags on their young rider horses. Young rider horses completing Rolex certainly demonstrates that not all riders need a veteran four-star campaigner to show them the ropes. Four-star horses are rarely for sale and end up selling for big money. Riders without four-star experience are in a difficult…

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