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Did the Thoroughbreds deliver at Rolex Kentucky? Events,Rolex 2015

The handsome, vigilant and spirited horse was ideal when the sport of Eventing, featured the long-format, where the horse’s endurance, fitness and conditioning were paramount. Thoroughbreds offer a certain presence, and their boldness, confidence and courage have enabled them to remain competitive. The change in format hasn’t dissuaded upper level riders from competing Thoroughbreds or ex-racehorses and that was very obvious at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event CCI4* where out of the 75 riders that started the competition, 26 of them were sitting on Thoroughbreds. Rolex 2015 top OTTB When the final penalty points were tallied, Donner the OTTB…

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Allie Sacksen & Sparrow’s Nio – Rookie Ride to Rolex 2015 Events,Horses,Rolex 2015

“Rookie Ride to Rolex” is another new series on Eventing Connect. This week we are bringing you a group of Rolex hopefuls who are currently qualified and training to make their debut at North America’s only four-star and most respected event. Allie Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio For the last two years, Allie Sacksen, has been strategically competing her popular little mount, Sparrow’s Nio, with Rolex in the back of her mind. This year there has been a shift in thinking as Rolex is the only thing on her mind as she prepares for her first four-star. In 2013, Allie and…

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