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Michael Jung eyes Rolex Grand Slam – Watch Press conference video to hear his plans 2016 Events,2016 Rolex,Events

    After day two of dressage, Alison Springer (USA) and her long-time partner the 17-year-old Arthur was the only pair that could even break into the thirties with a 39.7 at the 2016 Rolex Kentucky Three Day. Michael Jung (GER) and Fischerocanna FST firmly held their lead with 34.4 and more than a rail in hand. Marilyn Little (USA) and RF Demeter blew on to the scene basically out of nowhere scoring 42.5 considering they have only competed two shows in 2016 and at the Intermediate level. She did admit that the jumps looked big as her perspective is a…

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Marilyn Little and Michael Jung are both winners on different horsepower. Check out the breeding of their victorious mounts. Events,Missed it?

In 2015, Michael Jung (GER) has won 11 FEI events  and Marilyn Little (USA) is close behind, winning 10 FEI events. Most people do not win this many FEI events in a lifetime, let alone in three-quarters of a year. The majority of Michael’s wins have been at the three and four-star level, while Marilyn’s wins have been primarily at the two and three-star level. With Marilyn, we cannot forget that she has only been Eventing since 2010. Her success and wins are the result of only five years in Eventing. It will be fascinating to follow Marilyn’s mounts to…

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What you need to know to syndicate your horse Events,Riders

Previously in our Owners Series (part 1, part 2), we have discussed the possibility of syndication. Creating a syndicate allows more individuals to join in the ownership responsibility, splitting the cost while retaining the fulfillment of being an integral part of the team. Here’s how a syndicate works:  a number of people, often including the rider, agree to purchase ownership rights (“shares”) of a certain horse for a listed price.  The horse’s annual expenses, known as a “maintenance fee”- including board, training, entry fees, transportation, vet and farrier bills, equipment costs, etc– are paid by the syndicate members according to…

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