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Time travel to 1984 for Mark Todd’s debut on reality TV – Saturday’s VIDEO Break Missed it?

A New Zealand television program “This is your life” kicked off it’s very first episode in 1984 with a tribute to the then 28 year old Mark Todd right after his Olympic gold medal win at the Los Angeles Olympics. The premise of the program was to lure an unsuspecting guest to the studio using a false reason. They would then surprise the guest with live appearances of very important friends and loved ones to tell the guest’s life story. Transport back to 1984 and watch the Mark Todd story up to that point. It is a real treat to…

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Two time WEG rider and she is only 26 – Lara De Liedekerke-Meier – 30 Under 30 2014's 30 Under 30,Riders

Lara De Liedekerke-Meier (BEL) is one of the few eventers in the world to have competed at two World Equestrian Games by the age of 26. However, she is incredibly modest about this accomplishment, “First of all, lets say that I may be one of the only riders at this age to do that, but riding for Belgium is easier than France, Germany and some other countries. It is a good accomplishment but it is somewhat easier for me than others. I was lucky enough to have a horse for both games.” Fair enough, but she also has had two…

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