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Stylish six at the Bromont first jog – Miserable weather didn’t stop the fashion show Events

  Cold wet weather didn’t put a damper on the first jog-up at Bromont. Riders smiled and acted like it was a breezy summer day. We are awarding these six riders in no particular order, the best dressed honours. Good luck for the rest of the show!

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Michael Jung is number one in the FEI world rankings Riders

Michael Jung makes debut at Eventing world number one Michael Jung (GER), who in 2012 became the first Eventing athlete to hold the European, world and Olympic titles simultaneously after scoring individual and team gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, has jumped to the top of the FEI World Eventing Rankings for the first time in his career. William Fox-Pitt (GBR), the multiple Olympic, World and European medallist who has held the world number one slot for the past 12 months, has now dropped to second. Jung (32), who was third in last month’s rankings, now has a 58-point…

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Top 10 triumphant moments at Rolex 2015 Events,Rolex 2015,Top 10

As all eventers know too well, it is an excruciatingly rare to a non-existent occurrence to compete at an event without some type of a hitch, things are simply never 100-percent perfect. Rolex 2015 was a weekend filled with highs and lows for riders across the leaderboard.   For a little serotonin rush, take a moment to look back at the “Top 10 triumphant moments” at Rolex this year. We all were smiling for everyone on the list. We are Eventers, we can’t help but be happy for these riders, even if they are our competition.   10. Laine Ashker laying…

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