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Canadians dominate dressage at CCI* at Hagyard Midsouth 2014 events,Canadian Eventing,Events,Riders

Canadians are in first place and second place in both CCI* divisions at the Hagyard Midsouth Three Day & Team Challenge HT heading into cross-country today. CCI1* – A 1st Penny Rowland on Dynamo (CAN) 2nd – T Katherine Brown on Dylano Q (USA) 2nd- T Karl Slezak on Fernhill Dutch Design (CAN) CCI1* – B 1st Katlyn Hewson on Fernhill Cascum Marco (CAN) 2nd Hannah Rankin on Flourescent Adolescent (CAN) 3rd Emily Shirley on Raptor Force (USA) Wishing all the competitors good luck and safe rides. Hagyard MidSouth 3Day & Team Challenge HT [Website] [Times] [Results]

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