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Medal winners – produced not bought Good to know,Horses,Missed it?,Riders

Since the 2014 WEG, there is no shortage of discussion and blogs as to why North American Eventers cannot beat their European counterparts. Some obvious advantages include: availability of more competitions, an existing owner culture that is part of the social fabric, access to top training, and plenty of horse breeders. However, it is worth studying the methods and circumstances of the medal winning combinations to determine what separates them from the rest of us. Long-term partnerships It took six years of FEI competitions for Sandra Auffarth (GER) and Opgun Luovo to conquer the Eventing world and win individual Gold…

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Gina Miles defies gravity then puts bridle back on while mounted 2014 events,Riders

Gina Miles was not going to be outdone by Avery Klunick’s performance last weekend. Gina managed to avoid hitting the dirt after a sensational stop. Her horse S.V.R. Ron wiped out the jump, ended up sitting on its back end like a dog, then spun back on to its legs with Gina hanging on the side of saddle. With incredible strength and balance she rode it out while managing to pull herself back into position and put the bridle on and finish the round. Ride On Video (website) captured this great footage. This is how a Silver Medal winning Olympians stays…

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