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Protest launched over Hawley Bennett-Awad nomination for Carded Athlete status Canadian Eventing,Riders

Carded Athletes in Canada receive government funding to help with living and training expenses to help ease the financial burden so they can focus on becoming world-class, competitive athletes to represent Canada at the Olympics and International Championships. The Canadian Eventers who will receive “Carding” for 2015 have been notified. However, an appeal has been launched by another rider to reverse the decision made by the Eventing High Performance Committee to include Hawley Bennett-Awad as a Carded Athlete for 2015. Canadian Eventing’s 2015 Carded Athletes The list of Eventing athletes nominated by Equine Canada for the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)…

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WEG take two – Canada’s Hawley Bennett-Awad 2014 WEG,Riders

Livingstone (Hank), Hawley Bennett-Awad’s first team horse, campaigned at the advanced level for eleven years, running numerous four stars. Horses are far from disposable to Hawley, she explained, “I don’t have a lot of money so if these horses break that’s it, my toys are done. I have to do everything I can to protect them and help them along the way.” “When I got Hank I only had the one horse and I came from a family with no money. If he broke, I had nothing. I never really ran him fast at horse trials, but every time he…

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