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From CCI1* to CCI4* in one year – Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury – 30 Under 30 2014's 30 Under 30,Missed it?

At the age of 20, Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury (BRA) was the youngest rider competing at the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG). This year’s WEG was one of the most grueling cross-country courses in recent history. Unfortunately, it was the undoing for many riders and the end of their WEG dreams. Despite this being Gabriel’s first four-star attempt, he rode around the course with one run-out and some time faults. This is quite an impressive feat for a Young Rider who only began his Eventing career in 2012. After competing at his first ever CCI1* event at Hartpury in August…

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