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Helmet cam with Ingrid Klimke 4th place at Wiesbaden CIC3* – VIDEO Break Galleries,Missed it?

Monday, we brought you Michael Jung’s helmet cam at the same competition aboard Halunke FBW, riding to a second place finish. Today, you get to ride along with another four-star winner, Ingrid Klimke riding FRH Escada JS, an 11-year-old mare and they finished in 4th place. This pair is for Luhmuhlen in a few weeks. Ingrid has partnered with SAP, a software company that has developed analytics software with the aim to enhance riders’ performance. With the use of a helmet cam, heart rate monitors on rider and horse, and GPS capabilities, the software can monitor speed data, time gaps…

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Check out the impressive alumni from Le Lion d’Angers 2014 events,Events,Good to know,Horses

As the 2014 Eventing season winds down during the month of October, we have been researching the length of relationships of top riders and their top horses. A trend of long-term relationships beginning at the one-star level has come to the forefront. As our third and final article on the topic this month, we wanted to see where the horses from one of the most prestigious young horse events, The FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses at Le Lion d’Angers, are now. Le Lion d’Angers stringent qualifications: This event is where the top young horses in Europe face…

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