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Living the American dream – Boyd style

Photo by Nathalie Lawson “I live, eat, breath, sleep horses. This is all I do; this is all I think about. I am a bit obsessive-compulsive, I am thinking about it all the time. I don’t have that many outside interests other than horses,” said Boyd Martin, member of the United States, World Equestrian Games (WEG) team. This dedication, a bold move to the United States, friendship, true love and a knack for business, makes Boyd a poster child for the American Dream. (About the poster thing…also because he is movie star gorgeous.) Aussie carves out eventing career in America…

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Who goes to WEG – Best riders or paperwork keeners?

Riding for Canada at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) was a life long dream for eventer, Kathryn Robinson. That dream finally came true in June 2014…for about ten days. One might automatically think that the dream-ending culprit was an injury. Not even close. If you followed the Canadian WEG selection, you will remember that there was an initial press release from Equine Canada to announce Kathryn as part the team on June 20th, 2014. Strangely, another press release on July 2nd, 2014, announced a correction to the team selection. It stated “Kathryn Robinson, Kettering, GBR, formerly named to the WEG…

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