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How making your own mistakes will transform you into a better rider


  I keep on hearing this phrase from event riders: “experience is the thing you get right after you needed it.” It seems to be said at least once after Rolex every year. I’ve heard it in no other sport or profession. The phrase applies perfectly to cross-country riding. With experience, riders know when to egg a horse on at a CCI or when to ease off the gas pedal. With experience, riders know with how much pace to approach a big drop into the water, and how to create a shape that minimizes the risk of the horse hitting…

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Guide to start Eventing: The realist edition

sable party munchkin IMG_4558

  Eventing is a glorious thing in all its forms. No other horse sport requires so much from horse and rider in so many opposing directions, and it is no surprise that it continues to grow and thrive. The camaraderie and close-knit community nature of Eventing makes it a lovely sport to be involved in, in any capacity, from grass roots to 4*. Of course, it has its well-publicised dark side which, has so sadly contributed to pushing horseback riding to the number one spot in the world’s most dangerous sports – currently ahead of Bull riding and cheerleading. Overall…

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Six horsey things to splurge on and six to save on

IMG_3568 saddle

  Equestrian sports are undoubtedly expensive to be a part of. Everything from tack to lessons to show fees seemingly costs an arm and a leg. You need to buy a lot of things to just simply take care of a horse and it can be confusing which products you should splurge on and which ones your better off saving on. It is unlikely that you have unlimited funds at your disposal, so you need to watch your budget like a hawk. If you want to be successful in this sport and without going bankrupt then you need to know…

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18 Bizarre but very real fears that all riders have

sable faces

  Owning and riding horses is incredibly fun and rewarding but it can also be equally stressful. Looking after a horse is a huge responsibility, it’s like raising a 1200 lb. super accident-prone toddler. Equestrian sports are definitely not for the fainthearted, but no matter how brave you are, you’ll still end up having some fears. Many of your fears are a bit irrational and on the weird side. Here they are, bizarre fears that all riders have that no non-horsey person could ever comprehend: 1) Going to a show and forgetting your horse. 2) Your horse’s automatic waterer randomly…

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Friday’s Five – Summer reads to take your riding to the next level

Phillip Dutton and Indian Mill. Photo courtesy of Kerstin Hoffman.

  Spending an afternoon reading and basking in the beautiful summer weather makes for a relaxing time. Don’t waste your time reading non-horsey books, instead use your reading time to make yourself a better rider. You can learn a huge amount about riding from simply reading quality horsey books, which is also cheaper than spending money on lessons. Enjoy some affordable lessons with the world’s best riders by reading these top books this summer:   1) Dressage with Kyra: The Kyra Kyrklund Training Method – This is one of the easiest dressage books to read and you can apply the information from this book in…

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Friday’s Fashion – Browbands that will dazzle

browband horse head

  This series features fashion “must have” items for riders and their horses. Tune in every Friday with your (or your parents’ or your significant other’s) credit card in hand, for some excellent fashion finds. Let’s bring style to the Eventing world! I have not personally tested all of the featured products but the websites they are available through are reputable, and I will not feature any products with negative reviews. If you own any of these products, please share your to opinions so we can all find the best deals and look great… Plain leather browbands are for boring…

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This flawless four-star specimen could be yours in four days! – Goresbridge Auction

Lot 09 - Ringwood Trendy Pop

  May Select Sale of Eventers (May 29th): [Website] [Catalogue] [Performance footage] Over the next week and a bit, Eventing Connect writers are going to bring you their fantasy shopping list from the May Select Sale Of Eventers (May 29th). The Eventing Connect writers were reviewing the catalogue and dreaming and wanted share our thoughts on some very interesting prospects to open up the airwaves for discussion about what to look for in a new horse.   Do you want to tackle the biggest events in the world with ease but are lacking a horse to do so with? Well good news, the horse of your dreams will be available…

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How venturing outside of arenas will make you and your horse BETTER

Photo credit to

  My farm is nothing fancy, but it is functional. I have big, safe stalls for my horses, a nice wide aisle with good ventilation, and two awesome grooming stalls right near the tack room. Turnout space is adequate, with good board fencing. My husband generously made me a couple dozen schooling jumps with 10′ oak poles to match. However, I have no manicured riding arena with delicate chain fencing and dressage letters. Instead, I ride in an open grass field. This is no new thing for me– I’ve been “arena-less” for possibly half of my riding career. When I…

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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Stephanie Hancock

Stephanie Hancock & Henry. Photo by Alessandra Mele.

   Rider Connect sponsor: Bit of Britain has been a trusted source for quality horse tack and equestrian clothing since 1987. Today’s featured rider is Stephanie Hancock, a determined rider who does not let a serious medical condition stop her from achieving her riding goals. If you would like to be featured in Rider Connect, email me.   Get to know Stephanie I am 28-years-old, from Freeport, Maine. I started casually taking lessons when I was around six, and as soon as I was able to convince my parents, I was riding regularly. I was born with a serious stomach disease, gastroparesis, and…

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Six simple but impressive ways to be a more helpful equestrian – Sponsored by Back on Track


  Great for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Products for horses, dogs and people. Visit For the most part, the equestrian community is an extremely kind and supportive one. When riders are in need of a helping hand at a show, they can usually find several. On countless occasions, I have had other equestrians help me out at events with things ranging from helping me get a naughty horse onto a trailer to lending me a piece of tack that I forgot. Let’s work together to keep the horse world the nicest sporting community in the world by taking small…

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