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Easy tricks to score higher transition marks that you can start today

Most of the movements in a dressage test are transitions. So if your horse’s transitions are anything less than dead accurate at the specified letter, then you are throwing away precious marks. Judges comment countless times, “Late” or “Early” on tests because riders are not executing transitions with the precision that they should be and can with practice. You can ride a cut above your competitors by tightening up your transition game and it will show on the scoreboard. Start riding your transitions with the degree of accuracy that the dressage judges will have to score you ‘10s’ (or at…

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Revolutionizing course walks – Eventers need this

Have you ever missed a fence? Jumped the wrong fence? Forgotten the striding between jumps? Had no idea how fast you were going even with a watch, for lack of minute markers? Walking your cross-country course effectively can be the difference between a faultless cross-country run and one where you do not even complete. Before cross-country most riders walk their courses tirelessly, but with course walks taking sometimes close to an hour, riders are limited on how many they can fit in before they have to leave the start box, especially if they have multiple rides at different levels. Memorizing…

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