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Six simple but impressive ways to be a more helpful equestrian – Sponsored by Back on Track


  Great for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Products for horses, dogs and people. Visit For the most part, the equestrian community is an extremely kind and supportive one. When riders are in need of a helping hand at a show, they can usually find several. On countless occasions, I have had other equestrians help me out at events with things ranging from helping me get a naughty horse onto a trailer to lending me a piece of tack that I forgot. Let’s work together to keep the horse world the nicest sporting community in the world by taking small…

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons your horse’s life is better than yours

Smiling for the camera. Living the dream.

  WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour Check in every Tuesday for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits. Remember: “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”   Tuesday’s Top 10 – Ways a horse lives better than its rider 10. Your horse gets joint injections, massage therapy, acupuncture and you only go to the doctor when by ambulance. 9. When you ride badly, everyone says poor horse; when your horse is an ass, somehow it is…

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Powerful advice on keeping your horse’s hooves healthy – Sponsored by MD Barnmaster

KIMG1742 2

  MD Barnmaster is the leader in custom designed barns, horse housing,  professional equestrian facilities, horse stalls, modular buildings and barn accessories. Build A Better Barn. Contact MD Barnmaster today. With a barnful of Thoroughbreds, I’ve seen my share of less-than-ideal feet. And the old saying is true: “No hoof, no horse.” Through a combination of an EXCELLENT farrier and proper management, I’ve been able to improve some horses’ feet and help them stay sound to do their jobs. Your Farrier First of all, I cannot stress enough that an educated, experienced, quality farrier is a must– someone who knows how to balance…

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Five more core exercises to solidify yourself in the saddle

Strong abs = better sitting trot.

  Developing core strength will make you a better rider in all three phases. Strong core muscles improve your balance and posture in the saddle. Whether you are gearing up for your first Beginner Novice or aiming for next year’s World Equestrian Games, strengthening your core will have a positive impact on your riding. Earlier this year, I shared five core exercises to help you work your core. Here are five more core exercises that you can add to your workout regime to keep yourself equestrian fit: 1) Russian twists – This exercise is one of the best ways to…

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This gelding will make tackling CCI4* events fun – Goresbridge Auction

Lot 11 - Kiltubrid Oscar

  May Select Sale of Eventers (May 29th): [Website] [Catalogue] [Performance footage] Over the next week and a bit, Eventing Connect writers are going to bring you their fantasy shopping list from the May Select Sale Of Eventers (May 29th). The Eventing Connect writers were reviewing the catalogue and dreaming and wanted share our thoughts on some very interesting prospects to open up the airwaves for discussion about what to look for in a new horse.   At the top of my wish list at the May Goresbridge Select Sale of Event Horses is Lot 11, Kiltubrid Oscar. This lovely bay gelding has perfect confirmation for me, being quite…

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Last Week TODAY

Photo via Boyd Martin on Facebook.

  Catch up on interesting tidbits that you might have missed last week. We work hard to catch all the good stuff so you don’t have to.         Patrick's 14.1 hand protégée ⚜️#superpony #digby #allheart #feelinglikeToddy A post shared by Lainey Ashker (@laineyea) on May 18, 2017 at 11:20am PDT   #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #lennox #winner #eventingmarbach #teamjung #bestteaminthebackground Thanks A post shared by MichaelJungOfficialNews (@michaeljungofficialnews) on May 17, 2017 at 4:53am PDT     Jaygo having a bit too much fun jumping today! #camillaspeirseventing #bteventers A post shared by camilla speirs (@camillaspeirs89) on May 19, 2017 at…

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19 things all riders secretly do but don’t talk about

Wash your horse, have a drink, bring the shampoo home for yourself...

  We all do things in our lives that we are not necessarily proud of. No matter how great of a rider or horseman you are, sometimes we all get a little lazy.  Sometimes we don’t care about minor details because in the grand scheme of things it won’t hurt anyone or anything. Perhaps, you are a superhuman equestrian and have done anything the correct way. But chances are, you have done several of the things on this list. It doesn’t make you a bad horse person; it just makes you human. There’s nothing wrong with procrastination, cheapness and a…

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Flawless cross-country pictures that will inspire you today and every day


  Cross-country is not for the fainthearted. It takes an incredible amount of skill, talent, athleticism and of course bravery, from horse and rider to jump a deliver a double clear round and look stylish in the process. It takes riders years and years (even decades) of training to achieve solid equitation over cross-country obstacles. Having good equitation not only makes for great pictures but it makes you a more effective rider. It also takes countless hours of training for horses to develop the confidence and technique to tackle cross-country with ease. For your inspiration to keep working away on…

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Foolproof guide on sorting through ‘expert’ horse advice

Photo credit to Diane Chelle129/

  WARNING: Uncensored language. But all in fun. I adore horsey online forums and magazines. Mostly, they are an essential part of keeping up with the weekly happenings in the fast and frenetic equine world, but sometimes they can be sources of immense entertainment. The world in which we live is vast and diverse, with every possible type of horse and rider imaginable-tall, short, thin, fat, boring or batshit. We have seen them all. This delicious mix of abilities, knowledge (or lack thereof) and personal beliefs, combined with the infinite reach of the Internet, has had many of us pulling…

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Use this dual-purpose grid to master angles and turning – VIDEO Break


  Improve your horse’s steering and straightness with this multi-use gridwork exercise brought to you by four-star eventer, Laine Ashker. To build this fun exercise, set five verticals alternating angles on a one-stride distance (21-24ft) from the middle of the jump to the middle. You can use this exercise in two ways: The first is jumping the exercise in a straight line of one strides as demonstrated by Laine’s horses Comet, Patrick and Debakey at the beginning of the video. The second option is to ride the verticals as a bending exercise as demonstrated by my Laine’s mother, Valeire riding…

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