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Could this be Eventing’s anthem?

Eventers are used to disappointment. In fact, not long ago I had a coach tell me that this sport is 90% disappointment. However, I can’t help myself, I love Eventing. I can’t wait for each new day just to start the routine again. The days are long and repetitive and the biggest reward is when you have a moment with your pony that shows progress. Progress comes in various forms on the horse and off the horse. Every day my horses teach me as much as I teach them. I know that there is not a job that I would…

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Burghley – Nicholson ‘focused’ on hat trick and book launch

Photo courtesy of An Eventful Life Facebook page Andrew Nicholson will be focused on his third consecutive win at the Land Rover Burgley Horse trials in a couple of weeks and he will also be launching his book, ‘Focused’ The editorial review states, “Andrew Nicholson is a leading event rider. He rode in his first Olympics aged 23 in Los Angeles in 1984, and has represented his native New Zealand in six Olympic Games and six world championships, winning medals of every colour. Andrew is respected and admired by his peers and sporting fans as a brilliant rider and competitor….

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The art of Eventing – Meet Kerstin Hoffmann

She fondly recalls the feel of the vibrating ground rumbling from the power of the horses’ hooves long before she saw the horse and rider. Only 15 years old at the time, Kerstin Hoffman of Stuttgart, Germany, clearly remembers her excitement and anticipation. She was mesmerized as she watched the riders pass her and unflinchingly make their way around the demanding, Luhmühlen four-star track. The elation she felt that day was the beginning of a passion that inspired her as an artist. Her art has brought her many new friends, including some of the top eventers in the world. Now…

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