Tuesday’s Top 10 – Stupidest Christmas presents for equestrians


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Stupidest Christmas presents for equestrians

10. Pajamas – “What would I need these for when my horse needs a new blanket?”

9. Keith Urban concert tickets – “These are not for the Land Rover Kentucky 5*…”

8. Longines watch – “This is useless; the face is too small for me to read on cross-country.”

7. Godiva chocolates – “Yuck! My horse prefers candy canes…”

6. Garmin GPS – “How do I mount this to my horse’s neck?”

5. Horse sculpture – “You cheap bastard! How about you become an owner and buy me a real one.”

4. 10 acres of rainforest to save the planet – “Oh this is cute. If you want to buy me land, buy me a farm.”

3. A day at the spa gift certificate – “Thanks Idiot. Are you going to muck my stalls and ride my horses so I can take a day off to go?”

2. Lingerie – “Ah lovely, but a sports bra would suffice.”

1. Engagement ring – “Oh that’s original. If you really loved me, you would’ve bought me an engagement horse.”

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