Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things equestrians better be extra thankful for


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things equestrians better be extra thankful for

10. Your horse just did a tendon, which is cheaper to treat than colic surgery.

9. That collarbone you broke this year, didn’t require any surgery.

8. You have a vast collection of dogs that you have adopted at a variety of horse shows. No one in the horse world thinks it’s excessive.

7. Your horse behaved at one competition this year so you won a ribbon. #NotATotalLoser

6. You never have to worry about smelling sweaty when you really just smell like horse shit all the time.



5. All those times you have fallen off of your horse out in the open, the demonic creature has never run away for good. Because as much of a jerk as your horse is, it would be costly to replace.

4. After surviving off of Ramen noodles and the cheapest beer for another whole year, you are still alive and well..ish.

3. You have a super cute farrier you get to interact with every four to six weeks. He thanks you when you hand him his money/cheque.

2. You have avoided declaring bankruptcy! (See #4 for a ‘taste’ of how you manage this)

1. If your family’s Thanksgiving dinner starts to get too painful, you can just fake an emergency at the barn and get out of there in a hurry.

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