13 Pet peeves every equestrian will understand


13 Pet peeves every equestrian will understand

pet peeve
something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

Equestrians are very different from non-horsey people. The things that bug us, a non-horsey person would never even understand let alone notice. But equestrians are a special breed of hardworking, determined and rather particular people. Chances are if you are reading this you are an equestrian and you’ll totally understand these 13 pet peeves…

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1) When someone doesn’t clean up their crosstie area. Thanks your mess has just ruined my day.

2) Manes that should’ve been pulled two months ago. It doesn’t take that much effort.

3) Horses that refuse to stand still at the mounting block. When I say whoa, I mean whoa.

4) Tall boot zippers that won’t stay done up. And of course, they are no longer under warranty if they ever even were.

5) Watching someone unknowingly cantering around on the wrong lead. The level of unbalance is hard on the eyes.



6) When your horse’s turnout buddy has a blanket biting obsession. Because you love spending all of your Christmas shopping money on your horse’s wardrobe.

7) Horses that waste half of their hay by pawing it all over their stall. That stuff is green gold and time-consuming to muck out.

8) People who sweep at a snail’s pace. Even worse than people who drive 20 below the speed limit.

9) Horses with major separation anxiety at horse shows that won’t shut up, resulting in your mount joining in with the neighing choir (mid dressage test, of course).

10) Bratty little dogs that won’t get out of the riding arena. Leashes were invented how many years ago?!

11) Riders who cry when any little thing doesn’t go their way. Sorry, the judge didn’t like your horse and you only got 2nd, your life is so rough.

12) Not being able to find a pair of scissors when you really need them. Why are scissors always ghosting me?!

13) When people say riding isn’t a sport and/or the horse does all of the work. And it’s only in the Olympics because…?

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