Thoroughbreds dominate the CCI4*-L after cross-country at the 2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event

Phillip Dutton (USA) and Sea Of Clouds are in 2nd place in the CCI4*-L after cross-country. Photo credit: Shannon Brinkman Photo Team

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Thoroughbreds dominate the CCI4*-L after cross-country at the 2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event

The 2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event (OJC3DE) is offering over $16,500 in cash prizes across the four divisions for Thoroughbreds competing at this weekend’s inaugural event. The Ocala Jockey Club is the host to this world-class Eventing competition but it is also a Thoroughbred farm. Ocala itself is a mecca for all things Thoroughbred so it only makes sense to honour these horses with special awards at this event.

There are an impressive 30 Thoroughbreds competing across all four divisions at this year’s OJC3DE. They were certainly a treat to watch galloping across the beautiful terrain on today’s cross-country course. After cross-country, leading the way for the Thoroughbred contingent in the CCI4*-L is Phillip Dutton’s (USA) ride, Sea Of Clouds in 2nd place. Moving up from 12 place after dressage, they were one of only two pairs to make the optimum time. When asked whether the Thoroughbred awards influenced Phillip’s decision to bring him here he said:

“I liked the idea of him being a Thoroughbred and coming here.”

Right behind them is Erin Sylvester’s (USA) mount, Campground moving from 24 to 3rd. Blazing around the course adding only one time penalty to their dressage score Erin reveals the back story on what an incredible horse Campground truly is:

“He has been with me since he was three. The lady that owns him, Marnie Kelly, has been a long time client of mine and she bought him in Kentucky when she went down to watch the Lexington World Equestrian Games in 2010. He never raced, he trained but he never actually made it to a race. He has been a horse for both of us his whole life. Marnie rides him once or twice a week. Some weeks she rides him more and he will do those two jobs and it is really impressive that he does that. She is so sweet and loves him to death. He actually will do one or two Training level events a year with her at something local. He takes her out of the start box and goes and has a blast. He has an absolute heart of gold.”

In the CCI3*-L there are four Thoroughbreds competing with Arden Wildasin (USA) and Il Vici sitting in 5th place putting them in top spot for the Thoroughbred Eventing Champion award in this division after cross-country.

There were an impressive 16 Thoroughbreds who tackled cross-country today in the CCI2*-L. Mia Farley (USA) piloted Phelps to a double clear round today, securing 13th place heading into tomorrow’s show jumping and making him the highest placed Thoroughbred in the CCI2*-L at the moment.

In the CCI4*-S there are four Thoroughbreds and they tackled show jumping today. Kalen Speck’s Sweet Rebellion jumped around with only two time penalties to move up from 21st place after dressage to 15th and putting him as the front-runner for the big cash prize.

Off-the-track Thoroughbreds are plentiful and they all need second careers. It is important to recognize their continued success in the Eventing world at top competitions like the OJC3DE. Reviewing today’s results it is apparent that this breed makes for a great event horse especially at the upper-levels. Stay tuned to find out which special horses are crowned the Thoroughbred Eventing Champions at the end of tomorrow’s competition.

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