2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event cross-country report: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo speed into the CCI4*-L lead

Lauren Kieffer (USA) & Landmark's Monte Carlo. Photo credit: Roya Brinkman for Shannon Brinkman Photo

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2019 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event cross-country report: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo speed into the CCI4*-L lead

Cross-country day at the Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day Event (OJC3DE) was bitterly cold for Floridians but did not slow down today’s action. Flying into the lead in the CCI4*-L was Lauren Kieffer (USA) and Landmark’s Monte Carlo. They were one of only two pairs to finish within the optimum time and their double clear moved them up from 8th after dressage on a score of 32.7. As a seasoned pair, Lauren is fairly laid back about making time on him:

“He is a homebred so I’ve ridden him his whole life. We have a pretty good partnership and he has always been a really fast horse and honestly he was quick but it didn’t feel like we were taking risks. He is one of those horses that goes in a snaffle and you can go a hundred miles an hour but then you can come to a dead stop and then go a hundred miles an hour again on the drop of a hat. I had a great time on him, he is just kind of an old pal now and it was a fun course to ride around on him.”

She divulged her plans for tomorrow’s show jumping:
“Show jumping is his bogey. He doesn’t do great with pressure so it will be an interesting mental exercise to go in like it doesn’t matter tomorrow. But we know that that’s his thing. We do the best we can by him and try to prepare him as well as we can. Whatever happens tomorrow happens and we will enjoy tonight and just take it as it comes.”

The only other pair to finish within the optimum time was Phillip Dutton (USA) and Sea Of Clouds who are sitting in 2nd on a 35.7. This was Sea Of Clouds first CCI4*-L and Phillip couldn’t praise him enough:

“He went good. He stepped up and did his job. He is obviously quite a fast horse and he is a good cross-country horse but he has not been exposed to a lot of the stuff he saw today. I was very proud of him.”

Erin Sylvester (USA) and Campground catapulted up the scoreboard from 24th place after dressage right into 3rd. They only added one time penalty to their dressage score and will start tomorrow on a 40.8. They made an unreal save at the first water when they nearly fell on landing on the drop into water but Erin held on tight and Campground maintained his balance. Erin recounts how that impacted her ride:

“I almost fell off in the first water. I like fell down and I needed a regroup for the minute after that. My tack was completely soaked so I felt like I was riding in the pouring rain and my foot was slipping out of my stirrup and I was a mess. So I probably wasted a bit of time there. All in all it rode really well. I am hoping to take him to the Kentucky CCI5*-L in the spring and this was meant to be that kind of test for him and it was definitely a bigger scopey track and I think it asked plenty of questions that are going to set up for that.”

CCI3*-L cross-country results
Leslie Law (GBR) and Zick Zack moved into the lead from 2nd place after dressage with a double clear round. They are sitting on a 30.5 heading into show jumping. Phillip Dutton (USA) and Fernhill PickPocket swapped places with him dropping to 2nd place after just picking up 4.4 cross-country time penalties to end today on a 33.3. Meanwhile, Lauren Lambert (USA) and Fantastique jumped up from 5th to 3rd with a double clear round to finish cross-country on a score of 33.5.

Leslie Law (GBR) & Zick Zack. Photo credit: Roya Brinkman for Shannon Brinkman Photo

CCI2*-L cross-country results
Will Coleman (USA) and Chin Tonic HS made light work of the cross-country course staying on their 24.2 dressage score to keep their lead. Will also was fault free aboard his other ride, Steam Engine so they will remain tied for 2nd place on a 27.9.

Will Coleman (USA) & Chin Tonic HS. Photo credit: Roya Brinkman for Shannon Brinkman Photo

Buck Davidson (USA) and Cooley Candyman blitzed around the course to deliver a double clear round to remain in the tie for 2nd place. Buck was closer to optimum time than Will so if they both jump clear tomorrow he will take 2nd and Will and Steam Engine will be 3rd.

CCI4*-S show jumping results
Today’s show jumping proved influential with only five pairs delivering double clear rounds out of the 21 who tackled the course. Marilyn Little (USA) and RF Scandalous jumped a flawless round to hold 1st place on a 24.8. Sara Kozumplik Murphy (USA) and Rubens D’Ysieux also flew around the course to stay on their 32.5 in 2nd place. Meanwhile, putting Canada in the top three was Dana Cooke (CAN) and FE Mississippi who jumped a double clear to move up from 6th on a score of 36.9.

Sunday Schedule:
The second horse inspection is bright and early at 7:30 AM (EST) for competitors in the CCI-L divisions. Then the competition will wind down with the end of the 2019 OJC3DE with the CCI-L divisions show jumping starting at 9:30 AM with the CCI2*-L. The CCI4*-S is running cross-country and the first horse will be out of the start box at 11:30 AM.

At this year’s 4th annual OJC3DE there will be plenty of other spectator attractions with demonstrations, Kid Zone, vendor village and food vendors. General admission is $10 per day, or $25 for weekend admission and the event program. Parking is free. VIP access in the picturesque Fireside Room of the OJC Clubhouse starts at $250. Tickets and event information are available on the Event website.

The Ocala Jockey Club International 3-Day Event at the picturesque 950-acre OJC facility has established itself as a premier fall FEI event in the Southeast, with riders praising the venue’s footing, galloping tracks, viewing opportunities and rolling hills reminiscent of the English countryside.

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