Tuesday’s Top 10 – Excuses why my rider is in the dirt


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Excuses why my rider is in the dirt

10. The bitch spurred me too hard.

9. Circles are boring, I like to dance on two legs.

8. Rumour has it she was riding a mechanical bull at a bar on the weekend, wanted to see if it was true.

7. For a split second, I forgot how to jump and panicked.

6. That other horse would’ve run us over if I did not leap out of the way!



5. I’m pretty sure he was still drunk this morning. Riding drunk is illegal.

4. I thought I made it clear that no one is to whip me. Ever.

3. Not sure why he jumped off when I was running Mach 9 towards a paddock fence… Usually, he likes jumping.

2. I tripped…

1. Holy fuck, I saw a ghost.

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