11 Things all equestrians can take pride in



11 Things all equestrians can take pride in

Equestrians are not your average human beings. We are a unique breed of people that are extremely passionate and dedicated to our sport and more importantly to our horses. The equestrian community is small. Everyone knows everyone and the camaraderie in our sport is unparalleled. As an equestrian, it is easy to focus only on your riding results and using that as a gauge to measure your success. We have all felt like failures from time to time because of horrendous results at a competition. But there is much more to you as an equestrian than just your competition record. Regardless of how your 2017 show season went, here are 11 things that you should be darn proud of:

1) You can drive a massive horse trailer like it’s no big deal. Maybe this doesn’t apply to every equestrian but it certainly applies to the majority. Your average person can barely drive a truck let alone a truck towing a massive trailer. Your driving skills are impressive and it is an accomplishment being able to drive yourself to a show.

2) You can fix and create nearly anything with a piece of binder twine. Equestrians can work miracles with binder twine. Jesus turning water into wine pales to what we can do with binder twine. We can turn a piece of binder twine into almost anything like a belt, hair elastic, dog leash, halters, etc.

3) You are an expert at setting goals and coming up with a plan to make them a reality. Coming up with achievable goals and a step-by-step plan to get them done is your specialty. Everything in the riding world revolves around making goals. If you want to compete at a CCI event, you just need to make a detailed fitness plan and stick to it. You also need to plan your lead up events, lessons, farrier appointments, etc. Even if things don’t go as planned, you should still be proud of your organization skills.

4) You barely consider broken toes an injury. Equestrians are as tough as people get. Breaking toes is a regular occurrence for people who work with horses. Equestrians never cry over this minor injury. There are a lot of people who would spend a week in bed after some of the spills you’ve experienced. However, you hop right back on your horse. Your toughness is admirable.

5) You will never let someone talk you out of your dreams. Countless people have told you that horses were ‘just a phase’ and oh how you continue to prove them wrong. You will follow your dreams no matter how people react when you tell them about your unconventional life plans.

6) You are so great at managing your money you should be an accountant. Horses are insanely expensive which makes most riders ‘horse poor’. Horse poor is when you actually make an okay amount of money but you spend it all on horses so you have to buy your clothes at the thrift store. You are incredible at budgeting, finding the best deal in town and sometimes going without. Your money management skills are impressive and if you ever randomly decided to quit horses you would probably become one of the richest people in the world.

7) You are never afraid to try new things. Horses turn you into a fearless superhuman. If you are brave enough to hop on a 1200 pound unpredictable animal, you are brave enough to try just about anything. New food, bungee jumping, traveling, etc. You are always up to trying something new and as a result, your life will be so much bigger.

8) You know exactly what makes you happy. Horses, duh! So many people seem to spend a significant portion of their lives searching for something that brings them joy. You have already found your passion in life and now you can just live your life contently while indulging your horse addiction.

9) You are totally unphased by major setbacks. Nothing seems to go to plan with horses. From injuries to random training problems, dealing with horses can be a frustrating thing. Luckily, you are accustomed to coping with severe disappointment and massive setbacks. You know that you can take a little bit of time to feel sorry for yourself and then you have to try harder than ever to get back on track. Being able to go with the flow like this in life and keep bouncing back from hard times will make you so much more successful.

10) You have acquired a lot of handyman type skills. It is actually surprising how useless some people are. Spending so much time at the barn and so much of your money on horses has made you exceptionally handy. You can wield a drill, wrench, hammer, chainsaw and so on. If you had more spare time you could moonlight as a handyman and that is pretty cool.

11) You are one of the most dedicated and determined people on the planet. Take pride in the fact that you spend all of your energy on your horses and riding. Your laser focus and killer work ethic are what make you such an exceptional person.

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