Tuesday’s Top 10 – Thoughts horses have while getting clipped


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Thoughts your horse has while getting clipped

10. Why do I have to get shaved when you won’t even shave your own legs?

9. You missed a spot you dumb bitch.

8. If you clip a stupid cloverleaf or heart on my ass again this year, you’ll be sorry.

7. I wish you weren’t so cheap and would hire a professional to do this. I don’t see you letting me cut your hair.

6. You know the only thing I despise more than clipping is having to wear that ugly plaid blanket you bought me…


4. I’ve had enough of this for one day, watch how fast I can move from one side of the crossties to the other, and back again.

3. What is that needle for? I didn’t know you did hard drugs.

2. Holy shit I see stars and unicorns… And I’m feeling oddly sleepy now.

1. Why am I back in my stall? Holy shit all my fur is gone now… Oh wait, is that a freaking star on my ass? #ThisMeansWar

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