11 Things that perfectly sum up your love/hate relationship with horses

As much as you hate your horses somedays... The love will never really die.


11 Things that perfectly sum up your love/hate relationship with horses

It is no secret that you love your horse. Many times you want to scream out of the top of the hayloft how you love your horse more than any other human. But then again, there are times where you want to stand on top of the show bleachers and scream that you hate your horse and its free to a good bad home.

The good news about horses is riders always end up falling back in love with them before we go completely postal and hang up our boots for good. It is really a mystery how the love/hate relationship that every horse-crazed human has never burned out.

1) The futile battle to stay clean…


2) Whenever you get a good result people credit your horse. But if it goes to shit all the blame gets pinned on you…


3) Non-horsey people assume you’re living the highlife when they find out you’re a rider…


4) Never understanding why your horse cannot just find its own distance. #NotMyLegs

#baddistance #oops #ohwell #equestrianproblems #riderproblems

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5) It’s like your horse’s goal in life is to find more creative ways to injure itself…



6) Some days you feel like a borderline Olympian and others you feel like a borderline druggie.


7) You’re forever poor and wouldn’t have in any other way.


8) Your horse has transformed you into a bionic human.


9) Your #RiderProblems even haunt you in your sleep.


10) Horses are your family, you don’t need kids.


11) You aspire to have the determination of your horse.

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