Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things that make equestrians say “F***”


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things that make equestrians say “F***”

10. When you go to top up your horse’s water and there’s crap in it.

9. Showing up at a far away horse show only to realize you forgot your tall boots.

8. Spilling Regu-Mate all over yourself.

7. Hearing the judge’s bell ring in the middle of your dressage test.

6. Knocking down the last fence in show jumping.

5. Tripping over your spurs.

4. Watching your horse roll in mud after you just gave it a bath.

3. When your coach says “Drop your stirrups.”

2. Every time you look at a bill from your vet.

1. Chipping in a stride to a massive ditch and wall fence on cross-country.


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