6 Things you better NOT say to an eventer


6 Things you better NOT say to an eventer

Eventers are a very fun and relaxed group of people. Outside of the horse world, there is a bit of a stereotype that equestrians are rather pretentious but this couldn’t be less true of eventers. Eventers are as down to earth as people can be. But there are a few things you can say to an eventer that will make them sprout devil horns on the top of their head. Most of these things tend to be said by riders who do not partake in Eventing. So if you are a non-eventer having a conversation with an eventer refrain from saying these things or else be prepared to deal with the consequences…

1) “Eventers don’t do ‘real’ dressage.” – Well, we certainly don’t do make-believe dressage… This statement infuriates all eventers because we usually spend at least four days a week working on our dressage skills, which is more than your average Dressage Queen even spends riding her own horse in a month. Sure we do not do piaffe and passage but the movements we can do are darn good. Anytime I have heard of an eventer competing at a ‘real’ dressage show they usually clean house… Awkward.

2) “Any show jumper could do Eventing if he/she wanted to.” – Have you never heard the saying ‘if it was easy, everyone would do it.’ Yea well this applies to Eventing. Show jumpers do not event because a) they don’t have the proper skills and training and b) they are probably too afraid to. Riding cross-country is not a skill that can be attained overnight. Until you me find me a show jumper that can just hop on and pop around a four-star, please stop saying this.

3) “Can’t any ex-racehorse be made into a top eventer?” – Can any warmblood become a top dressage horse? Can any Quarter Horse become a top barrel racer? No! Horses are not created even remotely equal. It would be such a wonderful world for eventers if all ex-racehorses had four-star Eventing potential but this is not the case. Eventers go through countless Thoroughbreds before they find one that can even make it to the two-star level. Thoroughbreds are great but not every single one is destined for Eventing greatness.

4) “Eventers suck at seeing distances.” – Trust me there would be a lot less of us if we couldn’t see distances considering that we jump over massive, solid obstacles. Sure we might not always look pretty but this isn’t because we don’t have a sharp eye for distances; you try jumping a super narrow brush fence out of the water while looking like you could win the Medal Maclay Finals.

5) “You guys are all crazy.” – We prefer the term extra brave. The definition of crazy is – mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. So calling us crazy makes it sound like we are a bunch of cowboys riding around recklessly. This is so far from the actual truth. We spend hundreds of hours each year honing our skills in all three phases and training our horses. Sure we are passionate about our sport but we are not crazy.

6) “Your horse is really skinny!” – When our horses are three-day fit they are not going to have a happy Hunter figure. Our horses are tucked up and raging fit and we are proud of this. We take impeccable care of our mounts and no minor detail is overlooked from quality grain to galloping our horses using heart rate monitors. Quite frankly, we think your pudgy horse looks like a well-fed tick with legs but we know to keep our mouths shut. Different disciplines require different body shapes for our mounts, please respect that.

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