11 Things that would make far too much sense for the horse world

Photo by Cheryl Denault.


11 Things that would make a little too much sense for the horse world

The horse world is pretty foreign to normal people. There are numerous things equestrians do that outsiders wouldn’t probably understand. Most of the things horsey people do have good reasons behind them. Like we spend thousands of dollars a year on farrier bills because we all know the saying ‘no hoof, no horse’ is very true. But there are some things that equestrians do that make absolutely no sense. It seems that we have become burdened by strange traditions that have turned into the norms. These are 11 examples of things that seemingly make too much sense for equestrians…

Which things would you like to add to this list?

1) Wearing breeches that are any colour except white…

Damn it! #equestrianproblems #whitebreeches #saddle #daz #vanish #horserider #eventingproblems #dirtline #ariat

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2) Not wasting time braiding our horses’ manes for competitions. This guy didn’t even bother for the Pan American Games!!!

No braids, no problem.


3) Riding horses that are appropriate for us instead of ones we believe will take us to the Olympics. #DreamBig #TheBetterTheAthleteTheBiggerTheBuck



4) Just dying your horse’s socks black so you don’t have to clean them.



5) Wearing a nice white polo instead of a dark coloured show JACKET while competing in scorching hot weather.



6) Resisting buying a thousand saddle pads because washing machines do exist.



7) Only riding ponies so we are closer to the ground when we inevitably fall off.



8) Training our horses to be ridden bareback and bridleless to save money on tack and kill less cows for leather.



9) Or just riding with synthetic leather tack so we can clean it by just hosing it off…



10) Training our horses to clean their own stalls. I mean you probably had to clean your bedroom as a kid. #HorseAndHumanEqualRights



11) Not feeding our horses more hay when they have half a bale littered around their stalls. There are starving horses in Africa and that stuff is green gold.


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