Horses that are severely allergic to wood: Part 33

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Horses that are severely allergic to wood: Part 33

Some horses are more careful jumpers than others. But there are overachieving mounts that seemingly defy the laws of gravity while jumping. Maybe it is because they are allergic to wood or perhaps, they are trying to avoid getting eaten a monster that could be lurking under the fence. These horses’ riders might want to wear a spacesuit during their next jump school because their steeds are jumping to the moon…




How is this even real?


That hind end though…

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There’s a distinct lack of new photos available for me to use as currently we’re in that monotonous repetitive fittening process. I may have had a rush of blood to the head and entered Romeo and Blaine into a dressage competition apiece. In other exciting news me and mum are going to see Queen in June next year, if I survive being excited for that long, again! And lastly I feel the need to say that although my new physio is incredibly attractive he is trying to kill me. I’m on night 3 of no sleep as my pain meds are just not cutting it and today I crouched down to scrub a bucket clean only to discover I couldn’t actually stand up, which is a first. He assured me it’ll pay off in the long run, but for now 🖕 screw you hot physio man #Rex #hunting #draghunting #whippingin #nohorselikeRex #hesthebest #legend #noscopenohope #horsesofinstagram

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Knees to nose.


Hang on.


Clearing it.



Dolphin mode.



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PONTISPOOL NOVICE || our first novice today! As you can see, Lilly was very excited! A really really nice dressage for a 33.3, some improvements for me to make to ride a better test but very pleased. She went very green in the show jump which was a shame as she jumped well but some things to improve to get her jumping more consistently. Finished with an amazingly confident XC, clear but with some time as was very wet and just wanted her to have a confidence run. Very proud of her she really gave it her all today. So lucky to get to work with this mare and can’t wait for the final couple of events of the season. #britisheventing #legend #noscopenohope #bfg #myqween #advancetogo #progress

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Not touching that.


Horses give us wings.




Put that jump up…

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