13 Telltale signs of a horse crazy kid



13 Telltale signs of a horse crazy kid

I was undoubtedly a horse-crazed child. My parents are completely non-horsey so it is a mystery as to why I was so obsessed with the equine species. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you were (and still are) horse crazy. Here are the sure signs and symptoms that you had horse-crazy syndrome as a kid:

1) You rode anything from shoeboxes to toy bouncy horses, while pretending to be galloping Black Beauty.

2) The only computer games you ever played were the Mary King and Pippa Funnell ones.

3) Every Christmas you asked Santa for a pony… Or another pony.

4) The kids at your school referred to as ‘weird horse girl’.

5) You dressed up as your favourite top rider for Halloween. No one fully understood your costume.

6) You thought mucking an entire barn in exchange for riding a half-broken horse was a great gig.



7) The only photos of you in your parents’ house are of you on/or with a horse.

8) You didn’t fancy family vacations because it meant time away from the barn.

9) Your collection of Breyer horse dolls was unparalleled.

10) Your only goal in life was to ride at the Olympics.

11) When asked what you wanted to be when you grew up your response was either “A horse,” or “A professional rider,” depending on how old you were.

12) You watched that Badminton video you owned over 100 times and it never got old.

13) When anyone suggested that riding was ‘just a phase’ you knew that you’d prove them wrong.…

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