25 Underrated moments in an equestrian’s life



25 Underrated moments in an equestrian’s life

There are many moments in our horsey lives that give us a great deal of satisfaction but for some reason, we never fully appreciate how much these moments mean to us. Let’s have a moment of appreciation for the moments in our lives that we sometimes take for granted …

What underrated moments do you appreciate? Share your favourites by emailing me.

1. Finishing the final braid in your horse’s mane and then mentally high-fiving yourself for the professional job you did.

2. Putting a fresh bag of shavings in your horse’s stall… Best smell ever.

3. Clearing a massive jump in your lesson that you were originally mortified that your coach set so high.

4. Nailing a square halt in a dressage test. And then Instagraming the photo.

5. Sticking your horse’s bronco impersonation like a true cowboy.

6. The feeling of freshly cleaned and oiled tack.

7. When your horse finally goes on the bit after running around like a giraffe for the last dozen circles.

8. Looking down the barn aisle after sweeping with careful attention to detail. No shaving shall remain.

9. The hay elevator getting shut off after the last wagon of the day is stacked.

10. Getting on your horse after your coach tunes it up for you.



11. Admiring your horse’s spotless and perfectly wrapped white polos and feeling like a dressage queen.

12. Landing on the other side of a massive ditch and wall jump with your horse still under you.

13. Getting to the top of the hill on your gallop set and savouring that mini adrenaline rush.

14. Lunging an unbroken horse and discovering that it is a seriously amazing mover. The future looks suddenly brighter!

15. When your sales horse passes the vetting.

16. Falling, miraculously landing on your feet and feeling like an Olympic gymnast.

17. Being the first person to ride in a freshly harrowed arena.

18. When your green horse finally concedes and walks in the scary water complex.

19. The rain holding off for your entire ride.

20. Hearing the horses whinny during feed time.

21. When your horse concedes to loading on the trailer after an hour-long battle.

22. Stripping down and showering after clipping your wooly mammoth of a horse.

23. Walking into the heated tack room after freezing your butt off teaching lessons in the winter.

24. Breathing again when you walk out of the show ring since you forget to do so during the heat of competition.

25. The moment your coach says you can pick your stirrups back up.


What underrated moments do you appreciate? Share your favourites by emailing me.

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