11 Words that have TOTALLY different meanings to non-horsey people



11 Words that have TOTALLY different meanings to non-horsey people

Equestrians speak their own language. They use many words and terms that non-horsey people wouldn’t have the slightest clue what they meant. Trying to talk horse stuff with a non-equestrian is about as pointless as trying to have a conversation with an alien from outer space. But there are some words that equestrians use on a regular basis that are common outside of the horse world. However, the problem is that these words have completely different meanings when horses are involved. Here are 11 examples of words that could cause significant confusion…

1) Studs – To the non-equestrian, this word would be referring to an upright support in the wall of a house or an attractive man. However, riders mostly use this term to refer to the metal things that screw into their horses’ shoes for traction or sometimes to talk about a stallion.


2) Clinics – Ever wonder why your non-equestrian friends look at you kind of disturbed/concerned when you tell them that you’re going to spend your weekend at a clinic? This is because they think you’re going to see a doctor…


3) Tack – When you talk about tack you’re referring to your saddle and bridle. But non-horsey people are probably picturing a thumbtack.


4) Ace – This is slang for the drug acepromazine, which is a sedative that you might give your horse before you clip it. Non-horsey people wouldn’t have a clue you’re talking about a drug, instead, they would think of a playing card.


5) Bit – Obviously this is the metal thing that attaches to your bridle and goes in your horse’s mouth so you can steer your mount. Normal people would think of a small piece of something or the past tense of the word ‘bite’.


6) Cast – This is when your horse rolls and gets stuck against a wall in its stall and causes it to get stuck. Non-equestrians would think of either fishing or something people with broken bones have to wear.



7) Hunter – In the horse world, this is a riding discipline, where horse and rider are judged and scored on the flat and over fences for style and ability…. Not the people who shoot innocent animals.


8) Green – Clearly the non-horse person would just assume this word could only be referring to a colour. However, equestrians use this word to describe horses that are in the early stages of their training.


9) Crop – Many people use this word to talk about vegetables and/or photoshopping their ex-boyfriends out of pictures. Riders use this word to refer to a short whip.


10) Frog – To equestrians, a frog is not just a small amphibian, it is also the triangular part of the underside of their horses’ hooves that acts as a shock absorber and also assists in blood circulation of the lower leg.


11) Draft – Riders may use this word to talk about beer just like a normal person but odds are we actually talking about one of the horse breeds that are used for work such as farming, plowing and pulling carts.


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