11 Soul-crushing problems only horse people will understand



11 Soul-crushing problems only horse people will understand

If you are not an equestrian you won’t even remotely grasp how soul-crushing these problems are. But you probably are and you will know much too well the pain these things can cause…


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1) Meticulously bathing your horse only to watch it roll immediately after in the dirtiest area it can find.

2) When the zipper on your tall boots breaks. Usually, this happens at a horse show or right before a lesson.

3) Missing the finish flags, heading back to the barn smiling like a fool, then being informed of your dire error.

4) Showing up to the stables at the crack of dawn on a competition day to discover your horse has destroyed all of its braids and rubbed out half of its mane in the process.

5) Buying your horse a new and rather expensive blanket only to have your reckless beast destroy it the first day you put it on.

6) Realizing how broke you are on the first of every month when you have to pay board. Ramen noodles for dinner again.



7) The horror of having to use a rank Port-A-Potty at a horse show or risk having an accident.

8) Getting caught in a torrential downpour in the middle of your dressage test. Your horse tries to stick its bum towards the rain the entire test.

9) Losing your favourite lucky whip. Your riding career will never be the same.

10) Arriving at the barn to find your horse has torn a shoe off and is now hopping lame. Oh and your farrier is unwilling to come until the next week.

11) The feeling of hitting the hard ground after your horse sends you flying through the air thanks to its athletic display of improv aerial acrobatics. You then skid across the grass and stain your nicest breeches.

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