Tuesday’s Top 10 – Brutal realities that only Working Students understand



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Remember: “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”


Tuesday’s Top 10 – Brutal realities that only Working Students understand

10. You are living proof that a human can survive off of ramen noodles and beer only diet.

9. No motel room is too scuzzy for you. They are actually an upgrade from that shed you have been calling home.

8. You have puked in a wheelbarrow on numerous mornings.

7. You have mastered the two-minute wash stall shower.

6. Setting a full show jumping course in ten minutes is no big deal.



5. You don’t mind riding wild horses. If you fall off and break something it’ll score you the rest of the day off.

4. All of your clothing has horse hair woven into it from only having access to the barn washing machine.

3. You can drive a tractor better than any man in your family.

2. When you hear people complain about how hard University is you laugh out loud hysterically.

1. Somehow you worked 11 hour days, seven days a week for over a year and only have $34 in your bank account.

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