Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons having horses is better than kids



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Reasons to buy more horses instead of having kids

10. Mucking a stall is not nearly as repulsive as changing a diaper.

9. Horses never ask dumb questions.

8. If your horse needs disciplining, hitting it a few swats with a whip will not land you in jail.

7.  Would you rather listen to screeching and crying or a cute whinny?

6. You don’t have to start a college fund for your horse.

5. You can go out partying every night and no one will deem you a bad horse owner.

4. Your significant other does not need to have a say in how you train your horse.

3.Your horse won’t throw a tantrum if you give it the wrong colour of water bucket.

2. You don’t have to help your horse with any math homework.

1. If you no longer want your horse, you can sell it.

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