Simple but game-changing grooming tip: How to tame a rowdy mane



Simple but game-changing grooming tip: How to tame a rowdy mane

Your average equestrian spends more time grooming horses than riding them. Over the years we all learn new, exciting and revolutionary grooming tips and tactics. Check back regularly for more grooming tips as we are on the hunt for the best. 

Some equestrians are blessed with horses that have thin manes that fall perfectly on the right side of their necks. However, many manes are unruly thick beasts that fall on both sides of horses’ necks. This makes braiding a challenge and looks untidy on a daily basis. But fear not, you can easily tame your horse’s mane all you need is a comb and some braiding elastics. Start with a reasonably pulled mane then braid the mane in neat, small braids down the right side of your horse’s neck. Leave these braids in for three days then take them out, wash the mane, and comb it flat down on the right side of the neck. If the mane starts to creep randomly back over to the left in spots, then leave it braided again for three days. This will start to ‘train’ the mane to fall tidily on the right side. So there you have it, no more excuses for riding around on a horse with a rowdy mane.

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