18 Bizarre but legit fears that every equestrian has


18 Bizarre but REAL fears that every equestrian has

Owning and riding horses is incredibly fun and rewarding but it can also be equally stressful. Looking after a horse is a huge responsibility, it’s like raising a 1200 lb. super accident-prone toddler. Equestrian sports are definitely not for the fainthearted, but no matter how brave you are, you’ll still end up having some fears. Many of your fears are a bit irrational and on the weird side.

Here they are, bizarre fears that all riders have that no non-horsey person could ever comprehend:

1) Going to a show and forgetting your horse.

2) Your horse’s automatic waterer randomly stopping working in the middle of the night.

3) The back ramp of your horse trailer falling down and your horse rolling out.

4) Falling off your horse on a trail ride and never seeing the creature again.

5) Being 1 minute late for a riding lesson… Even though your coach is regularly 20 minutes late.

6) Cutting off a big name rider in the warm-up.

7) Your horse getting fed mouldy hay accidentally and perishing as a result, even though the hay is top quality at your barn.

8) Leaving your horse in its stall for a second with its saddle still on… It could roll!



9) Putting your new bit on the bridle backwards.

10) Your horse finding a way to harm itself with the shoe it lost in its paddock that you cannot find.

11) Your horse biting a small child’s finger off that just wanted to pet it.

12) Plastic bags. If your horse is scared of them, then they’re a danger to you as well when you’re mounted.

13) Getting red carded. You’re not even sure what for, you just constantly show in slight fear.

14) Losing your trainer’s horse when you lead it in from its field.

15) Causing a spur rub mark on your horse accidentally.

16) Forgetting to close your horse’s stall door.

17) Your slightly chubby horse suddenly foundering.

18) Forgetting to tighten your girth and rolling off of your horse.

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