Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay



Wednesday’s SCOOP from Eastern Hay

Today’s SCOOP sponsor: Eastern Hay is the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA.


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Noseband Science: How Tight is Too Tight for Your Horse? Research says it’s time to tighten the rules and loosen the nosebands.The rules on how tight a horse’s noseband should be in equestrian sports are unclear, but research is showing that they need to be loosened.

United Kingdom:

‘He feels like Avebury’: Andrew Nicholson’s high praise for his Barbury victor – Horse & Hound The New Zealand rider was an impressive winner in the CCI4*-S competition.


United States:

How horses helped a teenager with autism rise to become a professor – Horses played a crucial role in the personal and career development of Professor Temple Grandin.

The Ins and Outs of Feeding the OTTB – The Horse Careful dietary consideration can help an OTTB transition from racehorse to a pleasure or sport horse easier on his digestive system.

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