13 mandatory changes to be implemented when equestrians rule the world



13 mandatory changes to be implemented when equestrians rule the world

The ‘horse world’ is a lot different than the ‘real world’. Sadly, the horse world’s population dwindles in comparison to that of the real world. The majority of political leaders and persons of authority on planet earth are non-horsey. Non-horsey mortals currently outnumber equestrians but if the tables were turned Earth would be a much different place…. A way better place to be exact. If equestrians ruled the world here are the big changes that would rock this planet:

1. Golf courses are transformed into cross-country courses.


2. Tack stores occupy most of the space in all shopping malls.


3. Horse feed must be available at grocery stores.


4. All parking lots must be big enough to accommodate multiple horse trailers.


5. Hockey arenas are turned into indoor riding arenas.


6. Every dime of government sport funding automatically goes to equestrian sports.


7. ‘Gym’ time at schools is replaced with riding lessons.



8. The only dogs left on the planet are Jack Russells.


9. A life sentence is the punishment for passing a horse and rider too close and/or fast on any road.


10. All running tracks have quality footing and are used for exclusively for conditioning horses. No more track and field!


11. Bike lanes on roads become horse lanes.


12. All gas stations have numerous diesel pumps.


13. Breeches are more common than jeans.


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