Friday’s Five – Insanely fun things equestrians NEED to do this summer



Friday’s Five – Insanely fun things equestrians NEED to do this summer

Summertime is here and event season is well underway in most parts of the world. Set some time aside this summer and try doing these five fun things:

5. Go to the beach. So what you have a raging farmer’s tan? Instead of sweltering in the hot summer sun riding another horse, take a day off, and go to the beach. If you really cannot go a day without riding find a beach you can bring your horse to.

Girl in water


4. Have a barn campfire party. Buy some beer (it is a known fact eventers love beer), smores ingredients (graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate) hot dogs and invite all your fellow horse-crazed friends to the barn one night for a classic campfire. People that do not ride horses do this all the time for fun, so eventers should too. Make sure you do not have the fire anywhere that would risk it turning it into a barn fire.

S'mores With Marshmallows Chocolate And Graham Crackers



3. Run a race. You run around countless cross-country courses on your horse, maybe it is time for you to strap on running shoes instead of spurs and run your own race. You do not have to run a marathon, but if you do that is impressive. Training for a few months to run a 5k will give you a better beach body to compliment your farmer’s tan, get you in shape for maybe a fall CCI and it will be cool bragging rights. Do not forget to plaster your social media with updates on your training and credit Eventing Connect for your inspiration.

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2. Go to a rodeo. Rodeos are a riot. Even if country music and cowboy boots are not your thing, one day/night of this can be a blast. Loosen up and go have a good time. If you are single remember that cowboys and cowgirls are notorious for being easy on the eyes. Yee-haw!

Helldorado Days Rodeo


1. Water gun fight on horseback. Everyone has water gun fights, but you ride horses, you jump over crazy obstacles at high speeds, you are not everyone. Go buy some water guns then convince some other eventers to saddle up their horses and grab a water gun. Remember to invite a non-rider to this epic water gun battle so they can video it, and send it to Eventing Connect. If you want to make it extra awesome, pick a dress code theme and try to be creative, cowboys and Indians is not a creative choice.

Children Water Gun In A Children's Hand


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