The official non-horsey person to equestrian translation guide



The official non-horsey person to equestrian translation guide

Unlike some equestrians, I have an extremely non-horsey family. I also have many non-horsey friends. A few of them NOW have a decent understanding of what equestrian sports entail but most of them still don’t. Even the ones who do still don’t quite have the equestrian terminology down pat. Equestrians basically speak a language of our own. Non-horsey people confuse many of our words and use terms that although make perfect sense still sound hilarious to a seasoned equestrian. Over the years, I have become bilingual – I know equestrian speak but I also can speak the language of your average non-horsey person. Here are some of the words and terms I have heard repeatedly mixed up. Use this translation guide to better understand your non-horsey friends and share it with them in hopes they will eventually get things correct…

Equestrian: Dressage
Non-horsey: Horse dancing

Equestrian: Horse show
Non-horsey: Tournament

Equestrian: Lame
Non-horsey: Gimpy

Equestrian: Feathers
Non-horsey: Hair above the feet

Equestrian: Lead shank
Non-horsey: Leashes

Equestrian: Chipped in a stride
Non-horsey: Stutter Step

Equestrian: Crop
Non-horsey: Beater



Equestrian: Pony
Non-horsey: Short horse

Equestrian: Chestnut
Non-horsey: Orange horse

Equestrian: Fly mask
Non-horsey: Blindfold

Equestrian: Gallop
Non-horsey: Sprint

Equestrian: Blanket
Non-horsey: Jacket

Equestrian: Breeches
Non-horsey: Tights

Equestrian: Flying changes
Non-horsey: Skipping

Equestrian: Competing
Non-horsey: Racing

Equestrian: Mane
Non-horsey: Hair

Equestrian: Hoof oil
Non-horsey: Nail polish

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