A simple method to help build your reputation and grow Eventing



A simple method to help build your reputation and grow Eventing

Do you ever read your hometown newspaper with absolute envy when you look at the “Local Sports” section and it is brimming with stories about football, hockey, softball, soccer etc.? You will likely not read one story about Eventing all year.

Do you realize that you have the power to change this and now is a great time of the year to begin? I hear so many people complain that Eventing gets no publicity and yet not many riders, coaches, and parents do much to change that.

I think that many people do not know what to do. So I am going to help you.

Professional sports like the ones mentioned above, all have very deep grass roots in small communities across the globe. These communities are where minor sports flourish and many professionals arise from these humble beginnings to become the best in the world at their chosen sports. Sport grows from small communities to the big leagues, as do the dreams of the athletes. This is also where sports develop a following of fans and local sponsors come on board.

To grow the sport of Eventing and to make it more mainstream, you can help by getting the word out. Share information with your local media about schooling shows, horse trials, your results and your barn mates. Keeping your local community abreast of the Eventing activities of you and your barn is a huge step to grow the sport and help it become a mainstream success. If every group of Eventers in all the small communities around the globe put in this effort, Eventing will become more popular with new riders and fans.

Here are the steps to help you begin.

1. Create your media list:

  1. Make a list of your community news outlets. Newspapers, radio and TV stations.
  2. Find out who the sports editors are at each outlet. Use the Internet or make a few phone calls to get these names.
  3. Compile their email addresses to send press releases. These can often be found on the media’s website. If you cannot find a specific person, phone their main office and ask who the local sports editors are and what are their email addresses. Be sure to get the proper spelling of their names.
  4. Call the sport’s editors and introduce yourself. Explain what eventing is and let them know that you will be forwarding press releases from here on in. Use this conversation, to ensure that you have the correct email addresses and double check the spelling of their names.

2. After your conversation, follow with an introductory email and include:

  1. An explanation of Eventing.
    Eventing is an equestrian sport comprised of dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping. This sport has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test often referred to as “Militaire” requiring mastery of several types of riding. Eventing is an equestrian triathlon, in that it combines three different disciplines in one competition set out over one, two, or three days, depending on the length of courses and number of entries.Eventing competitions that resemble the current three-day were first introduced into the Olympic Games in 1912. Dressage originally demonstrated the horse’s ability to perform on the parade ground, where elegance and obedience were key. Cross-country began as a test of stamina, courage, and bravery over difficult terrain, important for a charger on long marches or if the horse was asked to carry a dispatch across country. The stadium jumping phase sought to prove the horse’s continuing soundness and fitness after the difficult cross-country day.The Olympic eventing competition was originally open only to male military officers on active duty, mounted only on military charges. In 1924, the sport was opened to male civilians even though non-commissioned Army officers could not participate in the Olympics until 1956. Women were first allowed to take part in 1964; equestrian sports the only Olympic sports in which men and women compete against one another.
  1. A list of your barn team members with short bios or just your bio if you are doing this for yourself.
  2. Show schedule for the year. Include shows that you will be travelling to outside your local area but be sure to include schooling shows and horse trials that are within your geographical news coverage. Be sure to explain that the public is welcomed to attend the shows.


Together we can grow Eventing. You will be surprised at how a proactive approach to your local media will contribute to your barn and personal profile in your community. This is easy to do, so work it.


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