7 Gridwork exercises you need to try this summer


7 Gridwork exercises you need to try this summer

In nearly all parts of the world, horse show season is well underway. Coming up with new gridwork exercises can be challenging and we tend to get stuck reusing the same exercises. Many riders also don’t have the luxury of regular lessons where they can rely on their coaches to set up something new. Gridwork is one of the best ways to improve your horse’s jumping technique and your own equitation, so it should be a regular part of your training program. Try these seven effective and straightforward gridwork exercises this summer to keep yourself sharp and jumping clear rounds in the show ring…

1) This straightforward exercise to build your horse’s confidence.


2) This ultimate test of straightness.


3) Get your horse’s feet moving quicker with this exercise from four-star eventer, Laine Ashker (USA).


4) This advanced gymnastic that will improve your horse’s front end and your position.



5) A bounce grid to increase your horse’s power and strength.


6) The famous show jumper, Rodrigo Pessoa’s favourite exercise.


7) The perfect grid if you horse has a tendency to ‘rush’.

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