Tuesday’s Top 10 – Atrocious things horses do and why


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Atrocious things horses do and why

10. Shit in their water buckets. – “That’s for not giving me more grain.”

9. Rolling immediately after you bathe them. – “I hate the smell of that shampoo you use on me.”

8. Rip their brand new blankets off during turnout. – “I told you I am a nudist at heart.”

7. Freak out and break the cross-ties. – “You can’t tame me.”

6. Toss their heads wildly when you try to braid their manes. – “You cannot even do your own hair, I don’t want you touching mine.”



5. Refusing to load on the trailer. – “I refuse to be kidnapped without a fight.”

4. Have five rails down in show jumping for no apparent reason. – “That’ll teach you for trying to miss me at a jump in the warm-up to make me ‘more careful’.

3. Spook in the middle of your dressage test. – “I prefer to dance like nobody is watching.”

2. Lose their shoes during turnout. – “Guess you’ll have to give me today off…”

1. Pull a dirty stop at the last jump on cross-country. – “I don’t want you getting too full of yourself.”

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