11 “Oh no you didn’t” moments all equestrians have faced


11 “Oh no you didn’t” moments all equestrians have faced

Horses are like toddlers on steroids. Actually, they’re more like Godzilla-sized toddlers on steroids that NEVER grow up. But that’s okay because you’re an equestrian and you love your horse(s) no matter what havoc it wreaks. However, there are moments when your horse does something so unnecessary and savage that all you can say is, “Oh no you didn’t!” Here are 11 examples of these moments…

1) When you go to clean your horse’s water bucket only to discover it managed to poop in it.



2) You give your horse a flake of hay, it promptly paws it about its stall and then successfully pees on most of it. Because you know hay is so cheap…



3) After a beautiful show jumping warm-up, your horse heads into the show ring starts spooking at the banners hanging on the fenceline and cantering about like emu… then proceeds to knock down nearly every jump. The announcer sounds disturbed as he announces your score as you ride out the ring.



4) You get to ride in a clinic with a big name trainer and of course, you’re crazy excited. Your horse pulls a shoe and seems a bit ouchy, looks like you’ll just be auditing.



5) Those new and probably overpriced treats you bought at the tack store, yea your horse spits them out.



6) It’s show day. You trot down the centerline, halt and salute, meanwhile your mount proceeds to yank you out of the tack and scratch its face on its leg. A perfect way to start a dressage test, right?



7) You buy your horse a brand spanking new, top-of-line winter blanket. The first day wearing it outside and your spoiled beast completely trashes it.



8) Just as you’re half-way done polo wrapping a hind leg, your horse decides that’s the perfect time to drop a load.


9) When you take your horse for a nice, relaxing trail ride and it bucks you off in the back forty because it lost its marbles over a bird flying out of a bush. Nothing like the walk of shame back to the barn sans horse.



10) You’re running mildly late for your dressage lesson. Your horse refuses to be caught in its field for the first time in months.



11) You put your freshly bathed horse in its stall and it rolls before you have a fair chance to put its blanket on which was hanging right on the stall door.



12) You buy a new horse trailer. First little trek to a show and your tornado of a horse leaves a few hoofprint-shaped dents in the back wall, chews the majority of the padding off of the sides (who knew the thing had that flexible of a neck) and nearly paws a hole through the floor… Well, it is definitely broken in now.


What moments have left you saying “Oh no you didn’t”? Share them with us…

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