Tuesday’s Top 10 – Irrational fears that haunt every equestrian



WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Irrational fears that haunt every equestrian

10) Showing up at a horse show only to realize you forgot your horse.

9) The wind tipping over a Port-A-Potty while you are in it.

8) Falling off of your horse and it running away into the wild. Forever.

7) Having an ‘Rated R’ wardrobe malfunction while jogging your mount up at a horse inspection.

6) Your horse rolling with your super expensive saddle on and totally demolishing it.

5) Wiping out a fuel pump with your horse trailer and then getting arrested.

4) Receiving a Yellow Card after ranting online about how a world-class rider should’ve recieved one.

3) Knocking down every single rail in a show jumping round.

2) Falling off in warm-up and landing in a fresh pile of horse manure… With white breeches on.

1) Suspicious looking flowers, shadows and anything that flaps in the wind… What your horse fears, you fear.

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