17 Moments in an equestrian’s life that deserve a literal mic drop


17 Moments in an equestrian’s life that deserve a literal mic drop

mic drop:
noun informal
an instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive.

Buy yourself a few microphones to bring to the barn because these moments in your life deserve a literal mic drop…

1) When you ride a clean flying change.

2) When someone asks you how you get your grey horse’s tail so white.

3) When you muck two stalls into one wheelbarrow load.

4) When you finish putting on textbook perfect stable bandages.

5) When you show jump the first clear round of the day at a horse show.

6) When you execute a dead square halt.

7) When your horse starts pooing in crossties but you catch it with a shovel before it hits the ground.

8) When you give your horse an IV needle and hit the vein effortlessly on the first poke.

9) When your horse spooks, bucks and bolts but you remain seated.

10) When your trainer tells you that you rode beautifully in the show ring.

11) When you Instagram a selfie with your horse and it gets over 100 ‘Likes’.

12) When you forget your course and guess where you’re going but get it right.

13) When you beat *insert name of barn brat* at a big competition and he/she gets mega pissed.

14) When you score an ‘8’ (or better) for your Rider mark in dressage.

15) When your braid job looks professionally done.

16) When someone asks what type of warmblood your OTTB is.

17) When you walk your difficult horse onto the trailer without needing to fight World War III.


Which other moments desereve a mic drop? Send an email to sable@eventingconnect.today.

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