50 Transitions A Day Challenge – Update time!



50 Transitions A Day Challenge – Update time!

How have things been working out after 50 Transitions A Day? For Monster, pretty great! After a week of commitment to the challenge, Monster went to his first full (unrecognized) event at Majestic Oaks. As at home, I used a boatload of transitions in our warmup. EVERY time he felt heavy, I did a downward transition; strong with my seat and core, flexible with my elbows. If he was behind my leg, we did an upward transition. The results were huge!

Two weeks prior at the Florida Horse Park,, Monster went to his first combined test, and scored a respectable 38.4 his first time in a dressage ring. He did the figures pretty well, but the transitions were lousy– thus my focus on transitions at home. Here, at Majestic Oaks performing the exact same test, he was much more on the aids and prompt, while also maintaining his relaxation. If I’m critical, he could have shown more uphill balance, but the judge thought it was satisfactory for novice. In the second test of his life, Monster earned a 29.3…about 9 points better in two weeks, and I attribute it all to our improved transitions.

It makes sense: in USEA Novice Test A, 8 of the 17 movements include a transition, with the specific directive idea of “Willing, calm, transition…”. Making each of those just 1 or 1.5 points better would improve your final score by 3.8 to 5.7 points! And considering the transition affects the next movement, plus your collective marks (submission especially), you are likely to make an even bigger influence with better transitions.

How are your challenges coming?

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