Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things that are only acceptable in the “Horse World”




WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Things that are only acceptable in the “Horse World”

10) Eating food off of the barn floor. The five-second rule doesn’t even apply.

9) Avoiding going to the doctor by borrowing your horse’s drugs here and there.

8) Avoiding going to the hospital by having your vet X-ray things you may have broken…

7) Showing up to dinner a little over an hour late. Heck, you will probably be the first person from your barn there anyways.

6) Wearing the same pair of pants several days in a row… Breeches ain’t cheap and you’re a Working Student without proper access to a laundry machine!



5) Fitting 12 people in a pickup truck to get to X location. Extreme carpooling!

4) Living off of Ramen noodles, instant coffee and the ‘occasional’ margarita.

3) Staying at the cheapest and sketchiest motel in every town. Everyone knows horse shows are expensive enough.

2) Spending more money on pieces of leather (AKA tack) than most people spend on their cars.

1) Galloping a 1000 lbs. animal over an immovable object and trusting it to make it to the backside safely. Please note: This animal is terrified of plastic bags, some shadows and the barn cat.

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