DEADLINE is fast approaching! Choose your Carolina International fantasy team today


DEADLINE is Thursday, March 21st at 8:00 AM. Choose your Carolina International fantasy team today

Fantasy Equestrian Teams is thrilled to bring fans and riders a chance to join the fun from the sidelines. Players get a chance to win cash and prizes, bringing a new element to the sport. This gives everyone a chance to showcase their team picking skills and participate in every show.

No Entry Fee – Play For Free

Join the fun and see how well you know the Eventing talent!!!

In the simplest terms, you choose a Fantasy Team of four pairs and if your team delivers the lowest accumulated score, you win bragging rights and a chance for these prizes:

  1. $117 worth of fun riding swag from Shop ATTITUDE
  2. $125 engraved leather halter from Perri’s Leather

It is easy to enter and fun to follow along. Scores will be updated live online.


You can enter and change your teams up until the competition begins on Thursday, March  21st at 8:00 AM.


The results of your Fantasy Eventing Team will be determined after official competition results become available.

Invite your family and friends to play so you can really test who knows the Eventing talent best.

How to play:
1. Pick your team of four by signing up at Fantasy Equestrian Teams
The object of this competition is to choose four Riders to create your team that in the end will be the foursome with the lowest combined score.

2. Best scoring team wins
The Fantasy Player who chooses the team with the lowest score at the end of the competition wins.

3. How team scores will accumulate
Teams accumulate penalty points. The final scores from all four riders will be added together for your team total. There is NO drop score.

4. If there is a winning tie:
For the Perri’s halter, the winners’ names will go into a hat and the winner will then be determined by a random draw.
For the Shop ATTITUDE competition, the amount of $117 will be divided among the winners and gift certificates will be awarded.

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Please note: Not everyone in every location can play. This is a Fantasy Sports game of skill and it is governed by rules based on where you live. So we must abide by the legality of this game in your geographical area. All players must reside where it is legal to play. We have appropriate checks and balances in place to monitor and prevent players from playing illegally. That part of it, we are really sorry about, but the law is the law.

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